Top 5 Must Know Facts About Beard Oil

22 Jan

Available Services: Ayurvedic Beard Oil Manufacture, Pharmacy Franchise. Manufacturing Beard Oil, as with all essential oils, it is best when made by an experienced Herbalist or Chef, who has knowledge of the usage, preparation and purity required. This is because, in the hands of untrained cooks and chefs, incorrect usage, improper preparation, and even in some cases, pure bad oil, will result in health problems, such as cancer. Ayurveda Beard Oil Manufacture does not do this; it is our professional opinion that we do have the expertise and knowledge that is needed to make a quality product. Our products are created in our traditional kitchens with our family recipes, not laboratory manufactured or mass produced by some factory outside the Indian borders. Read more here about the benefits of beard oil. 

Ayurvedic Beard Oil: All Ayurvedic (herbal) medicines are made from essential oils of plants; there are 9 types of oils in total. Only some of these oils are recognized and used in Ayurveda and all nine are used in Ayurvedic medicine. There are two categories of oils: Aromatic and Fragrance. Although, Aromatic is not always better than Fragrance oil, it is generally considered safer for general use. In Ayurveda, aromatic oils are never applied undiluted on the skin surface because they have a strong fragrance and if too much is applied, it may cause allergic reactions.

Allergic Reactions: Allergic reactions can occur in any case where high doses of essential oils are present in the body; it is difficult to determine what percentage is safe when applying the oil. However, there are certain general principles that can be followed. If the skin is red, inflamed or tingly then it is a good indicator that the oil is irritating to the skin and you should avoid its use. Always dilute the oil before applying to avoid severe allergic reactions.

Pregnant Women: Some Pregnant women suffer from cradle cap and cannot use essential oils. In this case, you can dilute the oil with a carrier oil like jojoba, Castor or coconut oil and apply it to the affected area. Be careful not to cover the entire scalp with the oil, as it may cause scalp itching. This is also applicable to dilution: if the essential oil is diluted with a carrier oil and then massaged into the scalp, it might leave a greasy feeling and can cause scalp itchiness also.
Medicated Shampoos: Aromatic and Fragrance oils are suitable for use in medicated shampoos as they do not contain antibacterial components. However, when using them on the hair, you should ensure that your hands are clean and oil free. Before using the shampoo, read the label carefully. It should state whether the oil is suitable for use in medicated shampoos or not. You can get the best beard oil at

Use of Beard Oil During Pregnancy: It has been found that most of the essential oils used in perfumery and body lotions are very toxic if used during pregnancy. Therefore it is advised to use oils like lavender, marjoram and geranium during pregnancy only in the dilutions required for use during the early stages of pregnancy. These oils can be used regularly to retain moisture in the beard. During the later trimester of pregnancy, oil in concentrations of about twenty percent can be used regularly on the beard.
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